Wiley University is accredited by IAAOS (International Accreditation Association for Online Schools). Accreditation by this prestigious accreditation body assures prospective students that Wiley University successfully meets the agency’s requirements and criteria for conferring degrees, diplomas & certificates. IAAOS facilitates and reassures that students are making the right choice in selecting an educational institution which has been granted the accreditation certificate after a thorough review of its academic standards, procedures and processes.

The agency’s global outreach enables it to enhance and implement the said standards across the globe. Fully dedicated to their mission they believe in fair evaluation of universities and feel highly obliged to accredit Wiley University for its online education programs. Accreditation from IAAOS is a symbol of recognition which means that the university meets the international standards with regards to academic programs, faculty, admissions and support services and is hereby certified as an accredited member of the committee.

Since Wiley University is duly accredited by an Internationally recognized Accreditation body, it is entitled to receive certain privileges such as the provision of financial assistance to its students in form of grants and scholarships; both private and state sponsored. Additionally, the credits of the degrees earned from Wiley University can be easily transferred to the other universities, both traditional and  online. Thanks to the accreditation by the well-known accreditation agency, Wiley students are now more acknowledged and recognized and readily hired by the world's most reputed private, national, and multinational organizations.


International Accreditation Association for Online Schools is a self-governing and globally recognized accreditation body. It grants accreditation to traditional and non- traditional educational institutions after evaluating them on stringent set of standards. In the accreditation status, IAAOS also highlights an institution's strengths and weaknesses offering recommendations to improve in areas such as curriculum, organizational and classroom management.

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